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On this topic you can view my pixel arts I've made here are a few plz put this topic on watching because I'll be posting new ones
Pixel arts


Yoshi Egg -

R2-D2 -

Koala -

Bacon -

Epic Spider-Man



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I voted for it xD




A boost in confidence @Dylan329


Keep up the trash AMAZING WORK!


Does anyone have the updated omtl


Well you can just type in "Official Mass Tag List" and it will pop up.


This is a really cool idea! Maybe I'll make one for myself if that's okay


Eh can you do it I always have to select all then delete everything but the tag list xD


You can just go and select the @ things. Don't hit select all just h9it select and drag the circle down.


That would be ok and how long did it take to make your elephant pixel art


@BaconStudios, I think that when we finish our pixel art, that I will make like 20 little (10-20) line pixel arts all on one project, which will be Inspired by you!


I'm not really sure, can't remember. I think about a week. It was during school holidays so I had lots of spare time


Ok that we'll be great!!!!


Gratz on your featured and what's your fav


My fav featured? Either the elephant because I put so much effort to the trail art which takes a lot more coding and math skills


Ok mine is the I don't have xD


Updated omtl




I'm sure you'll get featured one day if you keep practicing your coding skills and coming up with creative ideas!:grinning: