BaconStudios pixel art and request topic (come leave a request)


Ok guys I posted a request thing and I got one and I decided this topic we'll be where I post all the requests done if you want to make a request do it here also - Kola -R2-D2

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Make R2-D2


Ok I'll start that tomorrow @Dylan329


Yeah! If you need any help ask me.


@Dylan329 your pixel art it up R2-D2



Any others before I go to bed...


Oh xD you sent just as I was typing

I'll do that in the morning



Thanks very much


I'll @ you when it's done xD


Anyone feel free to post descent sized pixel arts on here you want me to make and I'll see them tomorrow good night


Thank you. About to look at it!


Is there any requests anyone want to make to night ???


Someone plz xD pls leave one