BaconStudios making logos


Hello guys I've been making logos for people so I decided I should let people know that so I can make you some
Here are some I made -


I won the contest too, right?


It's not a contest I'm just making them @ElegantAngelEmily


ohh ok :sweat_smile: can i have one i hope im not in trouble


What would you like the background to be??



I did it myself


How about me? Did you forget?


Just need a background or I can just find you one


Are you set with my logo now, or should I change it? @BaconStudios


Where'd it go????? IT DISSAPEARED @BaconStudios




Unicorn Koala Urie
Sorry if I'm annoying


Is it ok??


yes, it's perfect! I love it! @BaconStudios
EDIT: What website do you use?


I use a app...
And that's only information to the BaconClan xD


ok I'm gonna make you one


@ElegantAngelEmily ok but I won't change it to my profile for a while cause I just made myself one but I well do it soon


Okay. I use the app Pixlr TouchUp on my chromebook



U like?


Yes but I prefer pizza rolls xD