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This is my general Topic feel free to chat with me here


Cool! :smile:

Here are some questions:
How did you hear about HS?
Who inspires you to code?
What's your favorite thing about the forum?


Well I heard about hopscotch when I was watching YouTube and I saw this coding app and I was like cool so I got it was easy. It hard but I still played it got good and then I'm pro but my first game was released couple day and v2 today.

No one really inspires me to code I mean people like @CodePerfect @Dylan329 @FoodDelivery make me want to code but was inspires me is being featured I've always want to be featured but haven't yet(YET).

My favorite thing about the forums is that you can chat with other hopscotched with out making a project and I can see and the good coders here.

There you go @Dude73



What's ur favorite idea?

Do u laik napkins?

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ?

Wat is ur favorite utubr?

Do u play an instrument?

Wat is ur favorite topic?

Idk wat to ask anymore?


Umm let's see my favorite idea is bacon

I like napkins I guess

Vikkstar123 is my fav utubr

My fav Topic this one

I don't play and instrument

That's some great questions @PixelMaster64




Hi @BaconStudios! You're projects are amazing. I love your Falling Timber and Emoji Art projects! Thanks for remixing my meme template.

What's your favorite part about Hopscotch? Do you use any other coding apps or websites?


No problem @Intellection74 but my favorite part it meet people and making collab accounts and I use tinker something's it's not as good as hopscotch but you know....Bacon


@Intellection74 your meme template has more likes than my game xD is it that funny :joy:


Yeah it's kind of funny. :joy:

I think it deserves more likes. It's such an awesome game!


That think is no one views my hopscotch acc I've never made a project like it but Falling Timber took forever @Intellection74 can you like it I don't think you have...? Plz and thank you xD


@Intellection74 thank you for liking it it's up to 13 likes and 68 plays


That's so cool! Hopscotch is such a cool app, isn't it? :smile:

Do you like the new update? :smile:


I love the update! It's super cool! :smile:

Do you specialize in anything on HS?



BGs how do you not know...what is your HS User

#17 plz go like and play this and I well like your projects


Animation lol

Oops not my question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh! I don't think I've seen your HS before, sorry! XD

My HS name is the same as my Forum username. :smile:


@Dude73 you made dot catch....


@Razor make a's fun