BaconStudios and HPMForum Collab Chat

Sorry I haven't been on our Collab for a while have you posted anything else


Ok so are user name is Pink_Bacon
PinkBacaon was tacked here is where we talk about ideas and other stuffs


You there? @HPMForum
What do you want to do on the collab because you to trail art and pixel art on your account

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It's somewhat your choose because I'm thinking that we do pixel art trail art and then skills we learned like I'm good with clones

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Um guys can i work eith u u are both amasing senpais and i love both of u !
My username is SmilingStudios btw!

Umm not on pink bacon :frowning: sorry but me and you can make one

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If you see this @HPMForum plz reply


Hi sorry I've been off our Collab have u posted anything else on it

@HPMForum No I was wait for you to respond