Bacon Pixel Art released



I made my first major pixel art


Nice! I love the pixels and the bacon! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry I couldn't help myself


It's okey.

I'm staying at home today(our school isn't closed, I just don't celebrate), so, that leaves me plenty of time to go on HS!

:tada: !


And I have the perfect man to eat it I made this


Look Who has a featured​:grinning:


You can help make a different one @AwesomeNachos


Who?? Has a featured @ValueGamesStudio


Hehehe it's a trick happy Halloween! I am back at tricks


Sure! I'm making a HUGE pixel art, but I can take a break. :DD

Just wondering, how to you do the templates? Do you copy them off your device, or print it out? I usually print.


You print I just bet them of the internet


I thought @BaconStudios here had a featured. I was so excited!


I just Logo back at gallery it's faster for me


I has on HS all morning ik I didn't have a featured


I like the template right in front of me. I once did a GSW pixel art by going back and forth from HS to the Internet, and it took me a whole day to finish it. :0000


Next pixel art


You sure you really want to do that?


I want to but I can't by my self


Okey! Lemme get on BS first...