Backgrounds Group


What the group is
Does anyone else like making backgrounds like this, This or this? Hopefully, I find some people that do, Because currently, I don’t know anyone. This is kind of like a collab. We will have a hopscotch account and we will try to make heaps of backgrounds on it. We could maybe even collaborate on some and help each other.

If you want to join
If you want to join this group, just add your name and you’re automatically in the group! It would also be very helpful if you said your coding experience from 0 to 10 some and others know where to get help and who will be able to help. I’ll find a time where we are both on the forum so I will send you the login details.

Inventing something amazing
I was thinking we could all collaborate on a really awesome background. We could make it really unique and use new coding so that it could even get featured or on the trending page

@FluffyMice .
@PinkCupcake8 7.5 .
@Dolphin_coders 0.1 .
@sophia71205 6.5 .
@background_inc 8?
@Anonymous 0 ,
@WynterDiamond 7.60 .
@PecanPie 5.5 .
@Work_kids_coding/@Yusamac205 9879784769485.0008857937
Just add yourself as this is on global edit/Wiki edit

Hello! I'm new(ish)?
My Fluffy Friends



Can I join please?

I can’t really rate myself but I have gotten 2 backgrounds on featured.


Maybe you could joun BackGround Masters


Yes, Of course you can join! I love you username!


@PinkCupcake8 Can I share the password with you now?


Sure,but I’m out of likes so I’ll type something up maybe and when you post the pass I’ll post my post??




Ok I saw it


Wait did Anonymous actually join my group or is he trolling XD


I have no idea XD you could ask him


@Anonymous Is this a troll XD


@Dolphin_coders @sophia71205 Can I share the account password with u now?


Sure. Go ahead. I’m ready


… okey then…
Dw I’m not gonna do anything


@Mini Phew! I saw you replying with the new forum feature and I was like nnooooooo
@sophia71205 Are you ready again? 100%


I am… but put it like this <as in the brackets…’>


Yep I’ve saw it please delete it now!!


@FluffyMice I will check it out now!


Okay! I just piblished a few things