Background Masters!



Yes, I know there is a similar topic, the Backrounds Group. This is a seperate group that existed before that I’m trying to get more people to join.
If you want to join, let me know what country and timezone you are in so I can post the password when you’re on. Thanks!


I want to join!
I am in the US. I don’t want to share my timezone.


I see you are on now, though!

The username is Background masters. It doesn’t matter the case.
The password is…
Reply to this post to get it


I have replied to that post.
I’m ready for the password.


I am deleting it now. Write it down if you haven’t.


Thanks! I will now log into the account.


I thought you told me there was already a group called Background Masters…


That is this group, but all the former members are inactive


I’ll join!




What is the password?


I am deleting it soon.


You can delete it now