Background, Logo, Poster, & Notice Board Requests!



We are taking requests for simple posters and notice boards! These are simple to make and will be done in ten minutes! You'll have them quickly! Very quickly! And they're beautiful!

  • Make sure it's not offensive to anyone or an anti-Donald Trump one (ahem, @MobCraft).
  • Make sure it's not too hard.
  • Make sure to not be too picky or want it right away.
  • Make sure it's not s form of begging for likes or follows. It can be a project ad, though!


Notice Board Example

Poster Example

Background Example

Logo Example


Notice Board Form

This is just a notice board. It may include a photo or picture. It is smaller than a poster and is not hanging on anything.
2.5D or 2D:
Picture/Photo or No Picture/Photo:
Background Description:
Hopscotch Username:

Poster Form

This is a rectangular notice board. It always includes a picture or photo. As seen in the background, it hangs on something.
2.5D or 2D:
Picture/Photo or No Picture/Photo:
Background Description:
Hopscotch Username:

Background Form

This does not include a note, unless you want notes. Please leave the credit or that's a form of getting what the creator deserves. You can add to the credit, though!
Background Description:
Hopscotch Username:

Logo Form

This is a logo for you or another Hopscotcher. It can be given as a gift to a friend, or used for something else. The "Hopscotcher's Username" question is the one that will be in the logo. Whatever you do, though, you will have a great quality logo!
Hopscotcher's Username:
Background Description:

Friendly Mass Tag List!


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HSB color websites & topics!
Taking Requests For TRAIL ART!

Anyone? These are simple to make and will be done in ten minutes!


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Poster or notice board: poster
Characters: Smiley faces!
Title: commemorating happiness!
Words: happiness has helps us all through the centuries. It is fun, loving, and pulls you into its arms. Let it fill you up and make you feel happy!
Simple backround description: anything that is green or purple
Hopscotch username: Dude73
Extras: more smiley faces!



Poster or Notice Board: Poster
Characters: Trump (old man emoji)
Title: Make Donald Drumpf Again!
Words: Let's rally and petition to bring back the old ancestor name to Trump!
Simple Background Description: Republican Colors
Hopscotch Username: MobCraft
Extras: Include a person holding a sign saying "Make Donald Drumpf Again"


@Dude73, it's done!


That's amazing! Thank you so much! :smile:


You're welcome!


@Mobcraft, sorry but I can't do it because it's mean and doesn't mean anything. It make no sense at all.


Okay, I guess. BTW it refers to something on a show, but I see how it's offensive.

New one:
Poster or Notice Board: Notice
Characters: Invisible Text
Title: Wanted! Invisible Text
Words: Invisible text is often seen lurking around arrows and has been seen in many posts.
Simple Background Description: Mysterious
Hopscotch Username: MobCraft


I'll try to do it.


calls 911 HELLO! I FOUND BIRD!!!!!!
Well anyways, to be on topic, I'll say that I don't have a request for now. Sorry!


Okay. Done. And I invented a new smooth background!


Poster, please.
Bird, Bear
Here to Help
Neon green background. (HSB(99,999,99))
Words: "we are always here to help!"


Okay, except you missed the most important one.

The text.. Please add it. I will start yours now.
EDIT: There they are!


Notice board
Unicorn emoji
Wanted, a magical unicorn
For Tropicalkiwi​:cherry_blossom:, in need of some magic and sparkle
A rainbow if you can, or just the sky with lots of clouds
No extras XD


Okay, here it is! I used my efficient stripe background I invented today.


Okay, I will do it later. Piano lessons soon. Plus, I'm pretty sure I can do a rainbow. I will try that right now and get as much done as possible.


Trés Bon!
How many languages do I need?


I only understand some Español and English. But thanks anyway!