Background help



Ok. I was making this background out of three different colors. Drawn down from top to bottom. But there is a problem.


Yeah..that's a really weird thing that happens when trails overlap. Do you mean you don't want the dot things at the bottom? I'll check it out and I'll tell you if I find an answer :wink:


This may not work for the zigzag, but if you make the texts set y position to -500 there won't be dots


Yes the dots at the bottom.


What if you had the thick trails at the beginning, but have the width get smaller at the end? You could have the red and green texts get closer to the orange one, and have them all come back up nearer to each other to get the zig zag at the bottom. This might be a little complicated but it might work.


@DragonLover975 explain code please. Screenshots would be much appreciated.


I know what I'm trying to do, but you will probably have to wait a while for the explanation due to actually having to work out the code.


Or you could to Wait ... Milliseconds


@MobCraft ????? Is that supposed to be a little cheesy joke?


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Just make the trail longer, so not -1000y but -2000y. For me that always works.


... meaning a certain number
No, it's not supposed to be a cheesy joke.


@MobCraft well then I don't get what you are trying to say.


@Jootje before I did -10000 but it did the same thing. But I will do -2000


@Jootje it does the same thing.


Well than i have no idea, sorry. :(disappointed:


dear Jootje somewhere i read you are from The Netherlands if you are u understand this?
Hoi ik woon ook in nederland!


Yep, are you from the netherlands too??


Ja! grappig hé
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Jootje, but this is a bit off topic so maybe we should make our own topic so we can speak dutch freely. And btw what is your name on hopscotch?