Background? Help me with it! Thanks!


Hi there, I've seen many HSers doing a unusual smooth BG... like
And much more! It's really creative and stuffs and I really want to know how to do it. I checked code and didn't understand a thing lol.(well of course I understand some of it,but you get the idea..)


hi!!! y did u tag me?


Do you mean those BG's that looks like a pattern of colours?


I tagged you because I think that you can help me.


Is it cause I got mine on featured?


@CodePerfect I saw that you're awesome at doing BG so I tagged you.


Thanks!! I really appreciate it!!


When I get on my ipad I will show you how to do it!!


Cool,thank. And No problem


What is your HS name?


Villain Dino


Okay thanks!! I was just wondering!!


NP (NP reminds me of MagmaPOP..)


What do you mean????


MagmaPOP initials are MP and NP is almosg the same like MP.


Oh Okay!! Just wondering!!


Is it like the stuffs I always do for my announcements?

Or is that not the right thing?


Yeah, I want to know how to do this too! The code is so confusing, and it would be great and super helpful if someone could explain it!


Imma track this topic...

Tip @VillainDino/@Snoopy and anyone else . To understand a project, I find it helps me to recreate that project. I've done that with @MagmaPOP's project (that cool rainbow spinny thingy), which helped me learn more about CoSine and clones; and @Valgo's Stroke Draw, because I had no clue how that worked.

So I suggest doing that. Branch the project, make a new draft and copy the code into it. Change some stuff around to see what will happen - that will help you understand what does what!

Then, you'll learn how to make it from scratch and will be able to do it over and over!

Be sure to leave credit of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wow that was long :0


Made by yours truly thank me later