Background Colour?



Can I just double-check what the HSB of the background is? I think it’s somewhere around H.0 S.5 B.95?


Yes you can!

Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Take a screenshot of the project
  2. Make the screenshot zoom in on the background color only, make sure there are no other colors except for the one background color.
  3. Submit the file into, and select 2 color clusters.
  4. The color will be displayed in RGB, HSV (which is basically the same as HSB), and a few others.

Now you know the color!

If you’re thinking about the color without adding background color to it (the plain white one at the start of the project if you didn’t add anything to it), it’s H0 S0 B100.


For trails, it’s H:0 S:0 B:97.25


I remembered people saying it was HSB 0 0 97.25 for the blank project as well


Thanks, I wasn’t sure.