Background Card Contest! (And intro!)


So this is my background card! And I dont have an intro thing. But I want one!

Ok real reason is ive always wanted an intro on hopscotch, and background card, and I wanted to make a contest!

There is Two things you can do! A background card, and an intro on hopscotch

Boooooooo are just trying to get fame and thats not ok
Whoever you are, so?

So, here are the rules!
No rules, just no inappropriate stuff I guess.

  • Make an intro for me on hopscotch
  • Make a background card
    Ask me for questions

Form to enter

  1. Will you finish on time?
  2. Will you make a background card or intro?
  3. Thats it! (May change)

Prizes :0

Yes! You get prises!
(these count for both things)

First place:
A follow from me
Spam liked (on hopscotch) (Unless you dont want to)
A project advertising your account
a shutout from my bio!
A drawing from me to you.

Second Place.
Spam liked (on hopscotch) (Unless you dont want to)
A shoutout from bio!
A follow
Spam liked (on hopscotch) (Unless you dont want to)
A shoutout from bio!

Any questions? Please ask me :slight_smile:

Otml coming mabey





I'll sign up! I'll be making the background, I'm going to draw something. :smile:


Thanks! But can you fill out the form first?
(but thats I never thought I would get a respons so quickly :sweat_smile:)

  1. I'll be on time! I'm going to have to, school starts in 2 days. XD
  2. I'll be doing the background card!
  3. Okee den


Please fill dis out:
Favorite 5 colors:
Favorite quote:
If you could be one animal, what would it be:
Favorite movie/sports team/hotdog/whatever ur crazy about:
Uh dats it but i might add more :3


What is a intro? I think I will participate!


Oh and its due next wensday!


Like on hopscotch, at the beginning it will show like


What da.... It's just your username and fireworks with bear in da middle...


No the...... .-.
The begging part is the intro.


You are wasting my time.... It's just fireworks. I checked the code and it don't have any speech or whatever



I give up.....
Do you want to do the drawing?
Or should I keep trying to explain it?
Or you can leave!



GTG bye


Hi this is not dead, is it?


It's called the OMTL, not the OTML.


He made a typo :p


I corrected it because the error happened twice.


Times almost up .-.