Back to school topic

  • I have already gone back to school!
  • Yep I am going back September 6th!
  • Wait I'm in a different country we go back a different day!


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Cool idea, but how is this related to Hopscotch? :smile:


Cool poll! Although, I don't see how this is Hopscotch-related? How do you think you could make it more Hopscotch-related? :D


I don't live in a different country (I don't think), but I don't go back to school that day. :D


Maybe you could turn this into a back to school topic where we can share back to school projects? Or maybe use the poll information to make a project in Hopscotch?


You can also share back to school projects that you have made or going to make!


I'm jealous of teh people who go back September 6th ;-; xD

I went back a week ago, we used to do September 6, now we don't :\


Ok @smishsmash!!!!!!!


But school ends early for us :0


Yah, but... ;-;





I'd rather go back to school later :D


I would not.... because I like going home early :P

a poll

  • I agree with hotdog
  • Im with Smishsmash


Votes are public.


Me too!!!! @smishsmash