Back to School for Me!


I go back to school on the 6th, so I won't be on as much. I wish my school had iPads so that I could be on during the school day, but somehow only the other middle school in my district got iPads.

Anyways, I should still be able to go on after school (which I should be home around 2:45 PST [5:45 EST])

I had fun on HS and the forum this summer. Now on to homework and school!


Good luck, senpai! :000

I wish a great school year for you :D XD


The school system is the same with me about the iPads, only middle schoolers and high schoolers get iPads. Good thing I'm in middle school :stuck_out_tongue:


Im in 4th grade and we have ipads and lockers!!:slight_smile:






Okie see ya

Everyone's starting school and im here chillin like 'I start on da 16th no big deal yo'


I'm your Senpai????? :0000000



Why would you not be :0


You are like such a great Hopscotcher. I look up to you.



My heart is literally melting of happiness!!!! I tried to find a gif for it but all I could find were stock photos!!!!! But that made my day, I'm still so so happy!!!!


Somehow I wasn't following you on HS?? I am sooooo disappointed in myself. I LOOOVVVVEEEE your trail art. I can never do it.



You're making my day so much I need to pay you back somehow!!! :,D


I started school…
…7 weeks ago