Back to school contest!



The project has to be related to school. There are categories for what topic the project will be in. Projects are due on September 20,2016. Hope this helped @Jades!


This project is back to school supplies


Nice, what do you think @DMF and @KoolM123


@Hamburger, do you enter former or latter project?


Can I be a judge please? I promise I'll judge fairly( if I ever get the job xD)


Sorry all the spaces are full. But, it's not to late. Your in!


@DMF what's former or latter project?


Do you join with first or second project? Cool art design or drawing set?


@DMF I want to join my drawing set/back to school supplies.


Ok. Looks cool! :smiley:


If I'm not getting any more people, it's gonna close


By the way, if you have major questions you after to ask me first.


This contest is closed