Back to school contest!



Credit to everyone who did this before me

I know I'm kinda late, but I'm creating another contest!
Enter for
Pixel art
Trail art
3D creations
Keep clam
If you have any ideas, you can tell me!

1st place:
A shoutout from all the judges, follow from all the judges, 20 likes on your projects, and making a project with a judge of your choice! A nomination for featured, an additional follow from @BB-Box
2nd place:
A shoutout from all the judges, follow from 2 judges of your choice, 15 likes on your project. A nomination for featured
3rd place:
A shoutout from all the judges, follow from 1 judge of your choice, and a nomination for featured.

Judges are: @Explorer_, @DMF, @KoolM123, @Hero_Dino

If you don't get in the top three, plz not start a flame war or anything like that.
Contest ends September 20, 2016 ya it's kinda late.
Have fun!
PS: post a link so we can see it




I can give a follow as a prize!




Can I be judge? :slight_smile:


Can I be a judge too?


Ok @DMF and @KoolM123 are now the judges!


Thanks @Explorer_! :smiley:


People who want to enter:
Hi! I just came here to test the editing xD


Isn't it only supposed to be used once in a topic?


I got tagged twice ;-;


I'm confusededed. Does enter for mean what you are going to do? If so the easiest one is 3D creations and I might do that. @Explorer_


Me to. Only I only payed attention the second time.


Ask @Explorer_ to get answer :wink:


If you want to enter, you can


So, who is entering so far?


That doesn't really answer my question but ok. I'll think about it.


@Explorer_. I want to enter here is my project

You can make a cool art trail by moving your finger around on the screen


Oh I forgot to say this:
It has to be related to school, and it can't be done before Augest 31,2016


I don't get it
Plz explain