Back to school contest turn in! CHANGED DUE DATE!


The due date was changed to September 15!

This is the turn in topic for my back to school contest! They are due around 3:00 but if you turn them in a little after its ok. I just want entries!

Then, me and my judges will judge on our PM and announce the winners later.


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Back to school contest! NEW DUE DATE

If you are doing this please tell me! :smiley:


I think @smishsmash was doing this, I'm not sure though.


Anybody? If I don't get any entries than obviously I'll just cancel this :slight_frown:


I'm rlly sorry, I've been really busy and I wasn't able to finish my project in time D:


@CheckyWecky made a project and she submitted it in the contest topic. I'll get her to submit it again here, but she might be little late. Is that okay?


Yah, where did she submit it already? :smile:


Any entries? Cmon guys!


I'm changing the due date!


When r u changing the date 2


September 15th!



Ok thx
Sorry that I took so long to reply


Oh, it's confusing with all these contests. Someone else was doing an Autumn/Back to School contest which was the one @CheckyWecky entered, not this one. I mixed them up sorry


Back to school? Mai school started 5 weeks ago


My school starts tomorrow!


Mine isn't started yet


Back to school? My school is gonna start end in 2 weeks!


Mai school started on July 24th!


Mai school started on 11th of July!


Whoa! You had a short holiday! Hokay BOT)