Back to school contest! DUE DATE CHANGED!


This is the back to school contest!

To enter, make anything back-to-school related! Pixel Art, games, art, anything!

If you enter, please, post your links here!

Projects are due the August 31 by 3:00!

Judges! No more judge spots left!

I'm a judge! I need two people to help judge!

To judge, just ask! I will pick two people soon. I may not pick you just because you asked first.

@RubyStars and @Sensei_Coder are judges!

Check the post below this for prizes!

Back to school contest! NEW DUE DATE

I'm going to enter this! :D
Awesum idea!


(Anybody can add the prizes they will give!)

First place:

  • Follow from all judges

  • A trail art request, a shoutout, a logo, and a background, spam likes! From Crazy_cake (@smishsmash)

  • Follow Spamlikes and request pixel art from @KVJ

  • Logo from @Potter_Head (go to topic) follows, shoutout, and game request.

  • A complex website (scrollable) about anything YOU want from @HopedHoper

  • a trail art from @Murphy1, a follow and a few likes

  • @GLaDOS_On_Da_Forum's Appreciation and real-life sketch request

  • a follow, spamlikes, and a pixel art of choice! From @Rainboom

  • 15 likes and a follow from @JaggedJeans (btw my Hopscotch account is aquabluelips)

Second place:

Third place:




Aww XD

I wanted to enter and give prizes :D


I think I'm going to change that rule, because then we can get more prizes to give! You can add prizes!


Maybe the mods could give a prize


Can I judge? :D



If I end up winning (unlikely) I just will give prizes to others! And if I do win I'll give prizes to everyone!



It's up to them if they want, i don't want to annoy they asking them for titles and stuff!


Ok, just edit I anything you want to give!


Yep, you're a judge!


Cool! Can I judge? :D


Cool, thanks! :)


Yep, you're in! No more judge spots left!


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Here are the new guidelines for adding and using the mass tag list.

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If you have any guidelines, add them here. :wink:

Edit your name to this tag list.

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Anybody who wants to give prizes, please edit them in on the third post!


K edited in my prizes I will give!

Now I shall code a project :D


Wow, those are awesome prizes! Thank you so much!


I'll be entering! If I don't procrastinate. XD


Can I enter? :blush: