Back to School Coding Club (B.T.S.C.C)



Welcome to the B.T.S.C.C! This is a collab topic made by me and @Explorer_ .

In this club we do school themed activities and competitions! We hope you join and that you have. Fun!

Rank Rules:
Gold can: Chat in Planning topic, Reply, give suggestions, sometimes make activities, reply to any forms, do activities, can help.
Silver can: do what gold does besides make activities.
Bronze can: do silver does besides chat in planning topic and help.
Green can: Reply, give suggestions, do activities.
Purple can: Reply, do activities, unlocks pass feature.
Blue can: Reply, do activities.
Leaders(No one else can get this): @Explorer_ and @KawaiiRose
Gold(must have done 20 activities):
Silver(must have done 15 activities):
Bronze(must have done 10 activities):
Green(must have done 7 activities):
Purple(must have done 4 activities):
Blue(must have done 1 activitiy):
Soda(must have joined): @iMeow @WynterDiamond @laser_eyed_puppy @Famouspizza @PIANOMAN @Dolphin_Art
Rules: Be nice, don’t spam, no flame wars, if your gold don’t make any spam activities.

Will you do contests:
Will you follow the rules:
Will you do drawing or coding activities:
Anything else?:


Credit to:
@iMeow for making the logo.
@Explorer_ for being my partner in crime making this.

Club starts today!

Gobli's General Topic II 🤔

Username: chillpink/imeow
Will you do contests: as much as possible if I’m not busy
Will you follow the rules: yes, I don’t see why not
Will you do drawing or coding activities: definitely drawing, and a majority of the coding
Anything else?: I have two accounts. Chillpink is active on hopscotch, but both imeow and chill pink are active on the forum. #ripimeow


Ok! Your in! Lemme add you and follow u on HS XD


Sorry if you got tagged twice


Good idea
I’ll join later or when I’m on next



Ok, your in! Let me add you.


Username: DachshundCoder
Will you do contests: Yes!
Will you follow the rules: Definitely!
Will you do drawing or coding activities: Both!
Anything else?: thanks!


Ok! Let’s wait for @KawaiiRose to add you because she’s the only one that can. It’s not on global edit


Great! Thanks!
<20 characters>


Don’t think so


Ok, let me add you!
Thanks so much @Explorer_ for doing the tags!


Ok thanks! Let ,e add u!


When is the first challenge
I want d challenge!!!


Tomorrow! It’s too late right now for a challenge


Too soon to think about school I have 4 weeks till school. ;-; ;^;


@kawaiirosefrens sorry is I tagged you twice
Anyone wanna join? First activity starts today!


Wait wat?


This is me and @Explorer_ s coding/art club. Wanna join?


Ah… surry nuuu

I don’t fire sorry :(((