Back On Hopscotch!


As aone of you may know, I will be back on hopscotch in 1 days! The countdown starts now! I'm sooo excited to finally get back to the community! But... I won't be as active as I was last year, which is probably a good thing for me because I was super addicted :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, if your curious, here is why I won't be super addicted and on 24/7 :D

• Homework, sixth grade has tons of it at my school!
• Competetive swim, CS starts for me when I start school, and that's three days a week!
• Instruments, I'm continuing to learn two instruments this year!
• Acting! A new year means tons of new opportunitys for me! In addition to my normal everyday life, I have to attend auditions and filming and performances

Just to be clear, I won't be inactive, I just won't be the most active user ever :D


Yay! Can't wait to see you back on HS :D


Yesssss! Back on HS!!!!


Yay! Gises like <3

Potatoe Frens



I'm a potato fren too ;-;


YESSSS you'll be back on HS! :DD

It's okay, I won't be that active during school either. XD


No, you are :D

You just had already seen it so there was no point in tagging you XD

@Maltese Ima make sure to follow you first :D


Riiiiight, sure :D


Omg thank you fren you get a cucumber

jar is empty


oops sorry just anger issues hehe :sweat_smile:

You can have.. hmm... searches pantry

there it is

gives Halloween candy


omg thicks for the candy Fren :0:


You're welcome btw it's Snickers ;D


Nice! Welcome back to le Hopscotch! Have fun coding again!


Welcome back to Hopscotch!


You do acting? That's so cool! How did you get casted? :slight_smile:


Auditions and the occasional talent search :blush: I'm actually in NY for filming right now (only background tho) :D


That's so cool! How do you register?
Seriously, that's really cool. :scream:


Thanks ^.^ It's one of my favorite things!

Long Explanation

My acting stuff stared when I was five. I wanted to be on Disney Chanel and told my mom that like everyday XD I hadn't taken class's or anything before that, (and my mom didn't want to drive me to auditions XD) so in attempts to distract me from wanting to be in movies and stuff, she enrolled me in acting lessons. I took acting, singing, and dancing lessons for a long time. When I was 7, a casting agency put out a talent search for kids ages 3-19 so my studio said they wanted the casting agent to come and check out the kids at my studio. My mom let me auditon, but I didn't get cast D: But, 7 auditions later, I did! I was in one scene, and I got to walk across set holding my "moms" hand. But hey, ensemble was a start. I continued to audition for stuff, and when I was nine I got a spot in a talent agency, and the help a lot with finding gigs. So ya, that was long lol.


That's so cool! Really it is, I'm using "cool" so much... :sweat_smile:
What movie was that? If you don't want to tell, it's okay!
Did you get paid? :stuck_out_tongue:


I was a background in Skyfall in the Day of the Dead scene :slight_smile: I didn't get paid, but I've recently done some paid things.

Ok we should BOT.


Wait, I have a lot more questions. I want to be an actress when I grow up, but I don't know how to get there. ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

Can I ask you more questions in my general topic? I'll tag you! :smile: