Back from break


Something That I Feel Like Saying

After a two days break. I feel a lot more calmer yet still pretty Unchill™.

First of all, I apologise for my hostile attitude towards you guys. I was acting like a bigot and wasn't realising that. Meant to be chill, but I wasn't. Imagine that. And @treefrogstudios, sorry about the wording I used towards you. I did mean some parts of that, but not in an aggressive way.

Secondly, I want to say that I will ignore the comments made when I say something that people consider as profanity. I do not like conflicts though I am terrible at avoiding it. Fighting on a virtual community is totally pointless, I have to admit.

Thirdly, I want to explain why I was disappointed at the community. I did not say that to offend any particular person, to be clear. I have shared unpopular opinions and said the word "dammit" in a lot of places. But on Hopsotch Forum, people get offended when I say "dammit" or something the majority disagree with. I do get defensive quite easily.

When you see this topic, please do not feel like this is the time to harshly criticise me for what you think I have done wrong. I am currently still in a pretty Unchill™ mode.

Again, sorry, these people who I have insulted. Though I still disagree with some of the things you have said.

"I have two sides. One side is kind, humble, candid, calm, and mature. The other side is sarcastic, narcissistic, passive-aggressive, hotheaded, and ignorant. I show both of them."

—Lucy (surname) "StarryDream"


Hi! First!
Yay you're back!


I know, right?
Hello, and welcome back, fren!

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Welcome back! I'm happy you have changed your ways a little


I just got reg as you came back yay


Bumpity bump bump bump


Hi @StarryDream :relaxed: I can see that you really know that there is a good part of you; and it is just the other more 'negative-seeming' side that can come out of course too. And you have come to say sorry for the things you've said, but also, along with that, there are other things that have felt a little unfair on you as well.

I would like to say that I admire what you've done; reflecting on things, and that it is okay to feel negative things, but my feelings are not really important to how you see yourself ^_^ — I can see at the moment, you do feel more calm about things, but if you feel attacked again, it would take away your patience right now.
(I can very much understand. I'll be here if you ever need it :slight_smile:)


Thank you for the nice long reply, t1. I've always appreciated about how you empathise other people. It brings a smile to my face when people understands me and how I feel. Again, thank you.

It is true that I regret my wording when I confronted other people involved in this. But this is not my approval of what they said that I disagreed with...

Anyway, what is the issue some people here have with being 11 years old? I wonder, I am turning 12 in 2 weeks, but still...


Welcome back, Starry!

It's okay. Everyone has times when they just don't think before acting. :D


It's okay.
I'm criticized too and sometimes I get a little moody on here and taking a break is the best thing to do.


(I am glad... :blush: You feel happy being heard and understood too.)

Yeah, I see that too; sorry that I didn't mention that. — I do see that you are saying sorry on your behalf, but also that you do disagree with other's responses as well, and have been unhappy about it.

Mmm I see that must have been when people commented on what your age was, or just the comments that have been had on age in general, it sounds like.


Hi Starry!
I am sorry I was being rude to you, I should have thought first. It's great of you to apologize.




hOi ur back!

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Welcome back! I am glad you apologized :D

(even though I wasn't offended at all when that stuff was happening XD)

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Welcome back, @StarryDream!!

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If you still don't feel calm enough yet, just take a break for longer. Trust me, it'll help. :)

Welcome back!



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Yay your back!

Also happy early birthday XD


It's ok, at least your back! :slight_smile: