BACK! -Enchanted



I can't. I just can't. I'm back.


I understand your reasons.

I'm sorry your leaving. I'll miss you. You're kind, an amazing coder, and a great friend. I'll miss you.


I understand why you're leaving. ;-;

I'll miss you! You've been an awesome member of this forum, and hopscotch. :D

Farewell! See you later, maybe. XD
Have a nice year, next year, year after that, year after that... -Insert more stuff-. XD


I'm sorry to hear this, goodbye! :confused:


I understand.

I'm getting addicted too, but the girl is like on 9/7 every day.

I hope you come back!

Maybe you could put a time limit on Hopscotch later in your life.


Oh. My. GOODNESS! :00011010101010100

NUUUUU pls ;n;

I understand your reasoning, but just know that you are a special member of the forum pie(don't judge XD), and without you, the pie isn't whole. ;-;

You are such a great friend, and a great person. I'll really miss you, @EnchantedAnimallover. :c

Pls come back ASAP because I'll be waiting with my 'c:' bombs ;u;

P.S. I looked in latest. Thank you SO SO SO much for creating a collab for me. ;u;

You are such a great friend. ;u;


Thanks guise. Bai.

You guys are awesome. You guise were my second family.


You're certainly welcome.

It just won't be the same without you, potato fren. ;-;-;


If you haven't seen, I freaked out on my general topic when I first saw the collab. XD


@EnchantedAnimallover noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!


We'll miss u!! Hopscotch will always remember u!!!


Bye @EnchantedAnimallover I will miss your projects in my following tab... I understand why you are leaving. I should hopscotch less also. Well bye.. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sweat::sweat::sweat::sleepy::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::cry::cry::cry::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::sweat:


eh uhh

niet gioud et ell


Same reasons. Even Christian reasons. Bye!


K, I'm 4 minutes late.



Bye! You are amazing and I will never forget you


Goodbye…you will be missed and remembered


You're one of my best friends — you inspired me to believe in myself ;u;

I'll definitely code something for you as a goodbye project. (When my procrastination levels go down XD)

I'll never forget you, and I'll be waiting every single day to see you back here again. c:



I totally understand ;-;

You were and are one of the best members of the hopscotch and forum community, I will miss you tons and tons!
I hope you have lists of fun enjoying your time off the forum :3

I will miss you but if you ever come back I'm here to support you! C:


:open_mouth: I'm your friend. Bye! I hope someday I will see you again


I'm so sad right now. ;n;

I completely understand, Enchanted!
But we'll all miss you so much. Hopscotch will be so different without you. You've inspired so many people, made some amazing projects, and made so many people's days.

Goodbye ;-;