Back At It Again


So I left and even though no one noticed, I came back. So what happened when I left? I mean I will leave again but I here for some updates


No! Don’t leave again!!!
We didn’t really talk much, but nothing really has changed. Well, not from my point of view


Lmao what’s the point of staying if no one cared??


WHAT!!! I think of you as an amazing person!!!


Yeah please don’t consider me as a “senpai” I don’t like that word.


K bye I am leaving again
No one cares haha I shouldn’t have came back haha


I never really got to know you, and we can’t really make you stay. you do you. but all I can say now Is bye again.


Stay. I just found spout about Kpop. I need someone to talk about it with me


m y
g o s h


welp you if you wanna learn kpop, then go on YouTube. I ain’t going to help you with that.


@SweetLina, I did think of you the other day. Hmm, idk how long you have been gone; I can’t keep up myself.


She just… left mysteriously. She told everyone in “this collab” to “stop using this account”.


Oh sorry, I’ll edit that word out


It’s your choice to leave. If you do, you will be missed. Have a nice time IRL! Bye ;-;


You cant just come and say I am back never leaving!!

10 minutes later

Everyone sucks I am leaving.


I care just it’s kinda like a joke.


Hello and welcome back… for a while. I hope that you are good. Good luck in real life if you aren’t going t get back on The Hopscotch Forum.