Baby Robin DYING - Please help!



Hi guys! I'm gonna make a project on Hopscotch about this, but there's a baby bird at the park across the street who is dying. She has a big scar on her eye that scabbd up, and the scab is covering half of her eye. We found her last night and fed her some worms, waited an hour, and not a single bird came to help. We've looked at websites with no luck. It chirped a little bit earlier, and tried to hop around, but it cannot fly. It looks like this.

It's been a day. We called NWS and they said they "can't help baby birds." My brother never told them that the baby was injured, and we might call them again and tell them what's going on.

If you decide to reply, give help and don't just say 'good luck.' Thank you, and I hope you can help.



I hope its ok, I dont really know how to help :frowning:

If I do ill edit this or reply.


Good luck!

What is wrong with him?


@Huggingfluffybear I'm pretty sure this is what's wrong.


I talked to a professional bird caregiver, she told me if you ever see a bird that is hurt take it to a wildlife center (it's VERY VERY hard to take care of bird she said to not try it)


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That makes sense, didn't know that would be the case.


I'd try to minimize its exposure to the elements. The main reason why it my die because of the scab is because it will get infected.




Good luck @Sparkczy I tried to save a humming bird once and it lived hopefully your robin is ok


First, try to make sure it's warm! The little birds are very weak!

Try to make sure things are clean around it, including your hands so the scab won't get infected. Always wash hands before and after visiting the bird as bacteria can spread.

A lot of the time, exotic animal vets are open and you can bring in the bird. They do a great job giving the animals proper care! I've taken tours of many.

You can also take it to an emergency vet. Try calling one first to make sure they can help!

Feel free to ask me other stuff!


Also, if you find a fallen baby bird in the future, don't feed it! It may go in thinking that you are ots owner. Its okay to feed it this time, though!


Yeah, okay. Thank you all so much!

My mom says we aren't allowed to take care of it, that we should jst leave it alone. D:



Unless someone rescues it. :smiley:


Exactly! That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go over there later, and feed it water with an eyedropper and mushed up worm with a toothpick. I made a nest for it with soft leaves, paper, and some soft flowers (None of em are poinsonous, I checked) and I'll try to clean the wound with a cotton swab.


I hope everything goes well, and I don't know how to help... Sorry.


You sound like a nature lover! So an I. I'll tell you a recent story involving a mouse here in a minute....


I found a dying bird in the bushes in our yard that the cat grabbed and dropped with my babysitter. We called a wildlife agency, and the tried to help it. It's wing was broken bloody and torn up and it was so sad.


All day, our cat Risko had been trying to get something in the walls, so we figured there was a mouse there. Later, when me and my parents were watching TV, we realized Risko and our grandma's cat, Allie, who was staying with us, had caught the mouse! And when Allie catches a mouse, she plays with it. Before killing it. So yeah. She was throwing the poor creature up in the air, and catching it in her mouth. It escaped her and ran to our office, and then back into our living room, on our mantel and behind a woven basket.
The three of us (me, my mom and my dad) devised a plan to capture it and take it outside to realise. First, we put Risko and Allie in our office and shut the door. Next, we found two tall, thick books.
Then, we went to the mantal and got into our positions. I was on one side of the woven basket, holding up a book vertically (ironically, it was a book about cats) and my mom held up the other book on the other side of the basket.
My dad then gave me a serious look. "Okay, Emma. I'm about to lift the basket, and if the mouse is there, you can't scream and drop the book."
This was our plan: trap the mouse with the books so it had no where else to go but into the container my dad was holding. I kept telling myself I wouldn't scream, I wouldn't panic, that the mouse was just a poor defenseless creature.
My dad lifted the basket....and the mouse was there. I panicked, screamed, dropped the book, and ran to the other room.
In the end, we got the mouse into the container and took it outside. The cats were furious at us for keeping them from making their catch. That was expected.
Anyway, the point of this was my mom and I are big animal lovers-I know I didn't say it in the actual story, but we were crying for the mouse because we didn't want it to die (and yet, we were terrified of it. Makes so much sense, eh?).
Thanks for readin'!


Poor thing! Did it die?