Ayee my ella_13 account is back


Anyone know y it was undeleted?
And it’s currently on hold so can someone take it off hold pls



I did not know that! When did it get back?



But it’s on hold so


I saw that, and I think that it will be put off hold as soon as a moderator will see it.


Ok good lol

I want my account back bc it has a title


Yeah, and it has some other stuff too. Like all your replies, likes, topics and other stuff like that.


I don’t care about those lol


Yoooo that’s awesome hopefully it gets off hold



Can u take it off hold pls


I still dont believe it was deleted because i could always find it on users…


Everyone said it was deleted but then it became undeleted


Ik but when it was “deleted” it still showed up on users. I remember checking



Hmm that’s weird

Idk what happened


Me neither




It’s about time tsk tsk


Oh, cool! :DD

Hopefully you’ll get a second chance and not have to jump from new account to new account.


This is a little unrelated, I hope you don’t mind.
I still really love the quote, "The faster you run, the faster you’re done."
Have I mentioned that before?

Btw, are you able to use that account anymore?
(If it’s taken off hold)



And if it’s taken off hold then I can use it


its still regular and thats cool