Awsum_Pursun haz uh genurull tahpek wich iz dis wun :0




I em uh Chappie. Welcum 2 meh genurull tahpek ay kay ay dis wun.

I em flooent in daynk meem langwidg

If u has kueschunz ask awey yey

Kueschunz I wil naht anser:

Wot iz ur otter akownt?
Hoo r u rlly?
I kno u r a hahpskotchurr tel meh hoo u r

Yey enjoi frensicles

Heer iz uh pohl

  • I have no idea what you are saying please include a translation
  • meh speek daynk 2!!!!!1!1!1!1!1


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Heer iz uh prahject I did 4 Fahthurr's Dae


I don't quite understand Dank Meme Language, but I think I sort of know how to translate it.
I'm just asking this to clarify for my future reference:
Is Dank Meme Language basically typing what the word would sound like (slightly distorted) instead of the actual word?
Or is there a dictionary with specific words that everyone uses?


The first option, there is no official dank meme dictionary


@Serenity, I'll try to translate.


Y u mak so many accowntz


Eye polled thet eye no eet burt ayem stil lurning


Der iz no dictshunairee

U just prahnoins ett and u get da saym werd

So ur furst WUN iz rite



I wil naht anser dat


U r dooeeng gud so fahr fren.

Keep ett uhp.


Hai @seasoned.apricots


Eye wehl trei tü burt eye yoose German pronunciation tü lol


Yey u mayd ett yooneek gud jahb


YEY! Eye mæd it yüniek! (Unique)

End nowun kann understahnd eet lol


Y u no anser moi kweshion


Becuz reesunz


Omg hi @Awsum_Pursun

I'm not a villain I'm innocent what even is that picture


Omg hai fren pupper


@awsum_pursun hoi fren!!



I eetd sum cheerys