AwesomeNachos's Pixel Art Topic! :D


Hi guys! Here, you can give me ideas, request a few pixel arts, help with code, and feedback on my previous pixel arts!


  1. Don't overwhelm me with pixel arts.
    Too many is too much. Period.

  2. No off topic stuff.
    Things like 'Oh! I found a potato pixel art you could do!' are okay. But 'Potato potato POTATO' is not okay.

  3. Have fun!
    This is pixel art, people! You can post yours if you like!

You know what this is. :D



Cool! Can't wait to see the pixel art! :D

I was hoping the drop box was a picture of macaroni. ;-;


I can make you a pixel art macaroni if you'd like!


Couldn't find any macaroni. ;-;

Could you do le awesome, epic Taco Dog?!




I'll try! LAST REQUEST BY @Catface4 Wait, people, wait.


Like dis?




Never mind, LAST REQUEST BY @BellaWafflez17. Check out my pixel art request topic. 3 requests now.


Do you want the blue stuff, or just the taco dog?



Idk whatever you would like. XD


1 taco dog
1 sunflower
1... bunny... thing.
1 potato.


Here's a cute pug:


@smishsmash did that already. I try not to do things others have done.


Hokay :slight_smile:


Iz okayz! :D


Kewl! I've recently gotten into PixArt!

(@PixelMaster64 >; P)


This is the link for my pixel art request topik.

They are CLOSED.


? Well I already gave you a request so um yeah...