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Hai! So, I've seen a lot of these, so I'll make my own!

About me! (why didn't I write this in my bio? XD)

Hi! My name is Faith and I'm going into fifth grade. I like Hopscotching, and I'm trying to learn Ruby, and some other coding languages. And I LOVE nachos. I have a story about that 4 L8R. So... ya.hidden

How I found Hopscotch

My school had some program like this (Tynker) and I was looking for it on the App Store. Instead, I found Hopscotch! I already knew how to code like this, I wanted something BETTER.


Awesome topic!
It's so awesome you're into so coding, and many different languages! :D

But, you can't share emails, sorry!


saw that edit 0-0


Me too.


Please take the email away, it's violating the community guidelines.


Okee. All done. wipes hands


Ok, thanks! :D

Sorry if I sounded harsh, but it's just that sharing personal information on the Internet can be really dangerous! :000 :)



No way I'm going into fifth grade too!


@AwesomeNachos would you like some awesome nachos?


Wait. Do you guys want to hear my nachos story?

Nachos Story.

So, I had gone to Baja Fresh for the first time, and I ordered nachos. (Like, duh) I thought it was going to be the one with the tortilla chips with cheesy nacho sauce. BUT NO. It was like the one @StarryDream just did, and I did not expect it AT ALL. It was like a foot tall, and (I couldn't finish it)So, from now on, I am always careful of the nachos I choose. :smiley_cat:


My mouth is watering!:stuck_out_tongue:


Yum yum yum!


It's raining nachos!:yum:


It's raining nachos
From out of the sky
No need to ask why
Just open your mouth and close your eyes
It's raining nachos



Ur mi snoopers.


HAI, @Catface4! I like your username!



I like yours too! Nachos are awesome!

Auto correct keeps changing the words to weird things that I don't mean! If a word is out of place, it was le evil auto correct.


Oh my nachos. Autocorrect changed a word to 'snoopers'.


please don't say it's not actually your birthday and you just like cake...


I just like cake and it's not actually my birthday. XD