@AwesomeNachos and @Pink_Roses Collab Account! (not for anybody else)



This is @AwesomeNachos and @Pink_Roses topic where we can talk about our W.I.Ps, our actual account, or glitches in code. This is private only to us.


Just to let you know

I will be watching this topic to make sure it's safe!:slight_smile:




Becuase if no one else is allowed to post then someone should watch,


May I please join?


I don't understand. The reason why I want this private is because I want to post a password.


I would be okay with it, just I don't know about @Pink_Roses.


I think we can give them a little space.

You really don't need to watch the topic. :smile:


Private topics aren't really allowed – Liza doesn't want us to exclude people from discussions. You can kindly ask others not to post though :wink:


Hai @AwesomeNachos I'm back! c: Thanks for making the topic! c:


Sure you could join @Work_kids_coding! c:


I think we should give them a little privacy. :wink:


Hai @AwesomeNachos! c: guuud morning! c:


It's nice to have privacy but sometimes ppl have to supervise so they know it's safe and that u guys r not being mean and that stuff


guys anyone is welcome to every topic...you can't say your not allowed...I'm sry but that's the way it js


I never said anything about excluding people I would never ever do that


Hai @AwesomeNachos! c: sorry if I was not on the forum as much I was just really really busy c: im back! c:


wow this is a cringey topik