AwesomeKitty's Q&A


So... Everybody's been doing this. I guess... I'll just do it too... I mean... Okay.... ...... I like dots! Just, just, PUT SOME QUESTIONS


What's your favorite color? Body invalid


Purple! Not because it means "royalty" but just because... I'unno, it's just pretty. I especially like lilac.


Are you an only child? Do you have a BF or GF? Do you play a sport? What's your favorite book series? What's your favorite food? What's your favorite food?


I'm an only child, (yay!), I'm too young for that, I swim, which I guess is a sport, my favorite book series is... ANYTHING BY RICK RIORDAN, and my favorite food is polish pork chops. Here's an example of how they taste.


Yaas I love Rick riordan


What should Rick Riordan fans be called?

  • Riordaners
  • Mythiers ???
  • MSMers (Middle school mythologyers)


And... Back on topic!


Not in middle school but Riordaners is cool


I'm not either, just that he writes books aimed at middle-schoolers.


Yeah! IKR ihateputtingextrawordsjusttobequalified


Yup we are ADVANCED!!! Lol and I hate the extra words:unamused:


Emoji high-five! :wave: 2202020


Hey, you wanna make a project together? Like, make a movie of Percy Jackson or something? It'll be short, I promise. No collab accounts, just remix it back and forth.


High five back!!:wave:🏻 Just to be on topic which do you like better: The heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson and the Olypians or The Krane Chronicles


Sure!! Sounds like fun! So are we basing it off the second series where the Romans are part of the crew


Olympians* Kane* anyway, Heroes of Olympus. My favorite quote I think is from "The Mark of Athena", said by Hazel's horse. I will trample you to d e a t h, silly Chinese-Canadian baby-man. (Not because I'm racist, but because me and my friend were laughing for 5 minutes when we first heard it, and it reminds me of that)


I guess. I'll make a separate topic real quick.


Wow... Straight Riordaners.


Yeh auto correct always bothers me:sleepy: And yeh that was one of the best moments:joy::joy: and we should make a new topic


Whaat? Why no Magnus Chase?