Awesomecoder1010’s Project Updates(1)

After learning I could just clamp all my updates into one post, Here are all my updates, I’ll put them here until this fills up.

GAME UPDATED: Tikime v1.1b
LINK TO PROJECT: Tikime V1.1b by Awesomecoder1010

Update: New character.
A new character, you can fight it but it’s moves are still in development.
It’s name is “_disconnected.”
It’s just a glitchy house inspired by the character from winMUGEN: err_connection_refused.
Also fixed The strongest bird’s new and final move, “Hidden Hit”.


Win pose:

GAME CREATED: Friendly Interaction(buggy) (done w no effort)
LINK TO PROJECT: Friendly interaction(buggy) (done w no effort) by Awesomecoder1010

An animation of some sort done with, no effort.
I won’t put the events of the animation here as I want you guys to find out for yourself :wink:
It’s quite short sooooo there’s not much,


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