⁣Awesome Text Tricks On The Forum!

Like this?

<kbd> or <a class=mention>

bubble 1

bubble 2

Nevermind i got it

Is there any good combinations for like a spooky ghost (no reason particular)

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When your tag doesn’t work… /j

If you have a link which includes “unread” it will be hidden except on mobile devices.
Like this or this.

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Unread unread

Stop please

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  1. this one! this one!. This one! **This one!**
  2. this one! <small>this one!</small>
  3. this one <big>this one</big>
  4. this one! *this one!*
  5. this one! <small><small><small><small>this one!</small></small></small></small></small></small>
    So, you basically

why isnt it working huh

how u do that

The way you do it is in the code bellow

<a class=mention> # Does Bubble text

[quote="cutecactus3, post:300, topic:52047, full:true"] # Quote
how u do that # The Quote
[/quote] # The Quote

</a> # Stops the bubble text

<br> # Makes it so the text bellow it isn’t on the side

Code without comments

<a class=mention>

[quote="cutecactus3, post:300, topic:52047, full:true"]
how u do that


Stop now please

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