Awesome Game News!


I am going to be making a new series of 20q, using an algorithm I made! If you have not used this kind of "game"look it up, it's really fun! I need topics for the questions, such as animals. Any suggestions?


Is it

A fish flavored Twinkie

A pink preserved box full of boogers

A rational color pencil case

A moldy fire hydrant


Probably not likely.


-Types of fruits
-Colors (hope no one cares about the speelnig P.S. lol)
-Species of ants (about 10,000)
-Planets in our solar system (don't add Pluto 'cause it's not a planet)


Wow! Those are some great topics, thanks!!


How about book names?


That might have a lot of very specific questions... I could try. First I'm doing animals.


Can't like, so here :heart:


Seems I was a bit too late...