Awesome game: needs help



Hey guys, my name in hopscotch is "IntenseCustard". Well, I'm making a really cool game with element masters, weapons, and the true ruler of the universe. My game is called "H:space_invader:RO'S Triumph. But I would like some help. If someone can help me, remix my last project, delete my message, and write to me if you can help.

                                                         Thanks guys, 
       P.S. Pls help me I just joined


Sry I spelled the game's name wrong, it's H:space_invader:RO'S TRIAMPH


Hey @Ahatkar111! Can you put a screenshot in here of the code you need help with? Where are you getting stuck? This will make it easier to help you here :smile:

Here's how to add a screenshot to your post:



@Ahatkar111 you know you can edit posts so if you spell something wrong you can fix it. Press the little pencil icon.


Here are a few screenshots of my in process game. Thanks for trying to help me!


Looks awesome. Can't wait.


That's so cool! I definitely wouldn't have the patience to make that.


Thx guys! Working really hard on it.


So cool. Looking forward to you publishing it. PLEEEEAAASSSEEEEE GET TO FEEEEAAAATUUUURRREED!


Thx!:laughing::laughing::laughing: Can't wait for it to come out. I'm working on the details right now.


WOW! I cant wait to see this project :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Btw I'm a10 on hopscotch


Cool!!! I'm IntenseCustard in hopscotch


CAME UP WITH THE BEST IDEA!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


(if im not allowed ti comment AHC, y isn't this closed?)