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@discobot help me


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


thanks @discobot.


Lol you seem bored man


@Mindcool24 has joined the topic


ye talk in ma gt


do you want me to tag all the mass tag lists again


:crossed_fingers: pls don’t redirect the tags to my post


here we go


Winter PFP?

  • Nah, I choose Robo
  • Gonzalo the Snowman
  • Yeti the Yeti boi

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A caroling


Pewdiepie is less than 50k in the lead. According to the average number of views per featured project on hopscotch, it may turn to at least 80k. @Awesome_E, your Pewdiepie project must be featured.


I tried.
Well that’s Awesome_E for ya…


We tried and we failed :(


Oh yeah yeah
Ad by Awesome_E, GweTV, and Hopscotcher


@UTheDevHS This is what happened when I tried to PM


Maybe it’s because you tried to PM yourself.


Message to @Hopscotcher:

:speech_balloon: It doesn’t work with any user. Maybe it works with mods, but I don’t want to try that


Because they will know and will fully remove it?


I’d just rather not find out potential consequences to that

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @Awesome_E display help.