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Please change my topic name back, i can’t seem to edit it anymore


Someone seemed to have fixed it already


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Edit: Bam reversed the tags!

We have finally finished the Major Update!


I’ll try it out rn, looks awesome


This pad is just wow, I’m impressed on how many objects were used to make this, it’s a lot more complex than We2fd’s art pad but yet it uses only a 16th of the objects in we2fd’s art pad.

I’ll try a full colored drawing later tonight, and imma nominate this for featured.


Search before you post :laughing:


Yeah ack I saw lol, I just thirded it instead


It’s kind of men⁣tal how the words men⁣tal and fork are blocked but nuke isn’t.

  • Yeah that is a bit men⁣tal
  • Makes sense to me

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Wow, this is cool!
And it’s draggable!
You are truly an amazing coder!
If Tv nominates this I’ll second for sure


sbyp go to the nominations topic


What’s also mental is that you voted that it makes sense in the same post you said it was a bit mental!


exactly, I think you get it


@hopscotcher @gWEtv here


Hello! To see what I can do, say @Hopscotcher display help.


@Hopscotcher, you have been deactivated and destroyed.


Hi! To see what I can do, say @Hopscotcher display help.
Or else I will spam flag your GT.


You spam flag. I spam flag…
Either way, you go down.


I’ll become a Regular and lounge it.


I become a Regular and lounge it


Commands updated, to find out what I can do, say @Awesome_E display help.