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I was scared you were going to rick-roll me for the fourteenth time.


I didn’t though. Just showing a trick with invisible separators that mess with auto correct


I saw.
(ok i gtg now)


No rick-rolling…
thank the memes


Bio has been updated. Too bad nobody cares.


GweTV and Hopscotcher, tell me if @this tags you.


It won’t, I already tried that.


I figured… is there a way to do invisible tags?
<small @Petrichor>


@CustomTags @GweTV @Hopscotcher @Petrichor
This one might work


Thanks to Windows 10 or a Chrome update, Minigames 2 no longer works there and it has a different set of numbers. So does this project

Can anyone try this and edit in the two numbers you get? This is how I determine the OS, as each one handles text differently. Just click on the project, wait a few moments, and edit in the numbers you get for any browsers that have not been done yet. @pomtl @CodeHelp

iOS, Android, Linux, ChromeOS

  • Android Chrome: 493, 383
  • Android Samsung Internet:
  • ChromeOS Chrome Wow it’s actually Chrome?: 493, 375
  • Linux Firefox:
  • iOS, HS App: 504, 449 ✓
  • All iOS Browsers: 493, 449 ✓
    they all use the safari engine, if that makes sense to you


  • MacOS Chrome: 493, 439
  • MacOS Firefox: 493, 364
  • MacOS Safari: 493, 449
  • MacOS Opera:


  • Windows Internet Explorer 11: Does not work
  • Windows Edge: 493, 381 ✓
    Why is Edge’s JavaScript so bad? - I might as well make it “unsupported” for the game and say use Google Chrome for a better experience
  • Windows 7 Chrome 71:
  • Windows 10 Chrome 71: 493, 304
  • Windows Firefox: 493, 333
  • Windows Opera: 493, 371

I also tried this in my dad’s Tesla. It didn’t load :(

Please put the number on the left first (probably says 493 unless in app), ✓ means verified by @Awesome_E
Take 3


spåms emojis

Why did Chrome do worse than edge? I agree, Edge’s js is really bad.


No, I didn’t get tagged.


They changed the font and now it renders twice as high, so the letter never hit the numbers. I used a repeat times 150 so it didn’t keep going when not necessary, but since Chrome changed fonts, the letter device detection doesn’t reach the collision block

You weren’t in that one. Does this one tag you?

@UTheDevTestTag @UTheDevHS


Not that I could find.


Is there a way to do this:
<a class="mention">a<a class="mention">hello</a></a>
Without getting this? (2 bubbles)


I don’t think so.


Well that kind of sucks ‮ @Petrichor


I was quoted, but I wasn’t tagged.


I figured that out


@XAMANION That is a lot of variables in “Twisty Arrow”. That game has more variables than E-Pad!

This year, projects over 1500 likes will be remembered. or 800.
Rubik’s cube at 847. Twisty Arrow at 1502.