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They don’t even use clones to place the circles too and they say “It took me an hour to make! Plz like!”.


Unless I push for featured. If I do that and it works, something will probably happen, since everyone opens the app to that. Just FYI, this used to not have a pallet. Once I added that (it was a must-have), I got 94 likes and trending. Now it has everything an HS art pad could use.


Amazing. They’ll probably feature it.


Do you have any suggestions?

Plans so far that have not been done:

  • Finish right side draggable windows
  • Combine Save Slots so that they can be used regardless of RGB or HSB
  • Move Clear Screen next to the THEME button
  • Add GUI for hiding and reopening windows
  • Snap window to original position (whether it is by dragging or by tapping on a dock element)

They have featured a drawing pad like 2 months ago. Personally I think mine is better but my view is always biased (lol).


There is this smoother draw thing that you could add. I used in mine and the lines look much better.


I’ll reply to one last thing and then I’ll sleep because it’s midnight right now.


Already did, unfortunately. At least the ThinBuffalo version. It draws very smoothly for 40-50 FPS. I can’t copy COAN’s because I already have 8 cursor clones
(I did the while pressed loop)


No. I’m not talking about COANs’ one. It’s simply:


Oh that is what I meant by the ThinBuffalo while loop.
COAN had an UltraHD and it is way more complicated


Oh I see.
I know I saw COAN’s and it’s really smooth but very complicated to copy.


Yes indeed. I have implemented the while loop under Clone Equals rule and already noticed a difference. I can’t really help it that much. The good thing is, most actual artists draw slowly


Ok I go now bye see ya tomorrow.




Looks good. Is there a way to close windows to expand drawing space? Also you can add a special mode for publishing the art or something. And did you see ThinBuffalo’s undo-drawing project?


See this post:

Maybe, I can add a hide all button to a dock GUI element

Yes, but I can’t draw objects. I have stickers though :D

The Open/Close GUI should be smooth. It will slide in smoothly when a window is being dragged. There will be a hide button on the bottom left and a dock you can shake to open. This dock will have icons for each to reopen them and a hide all button, etc, etc.


Sounds cool! Off topic question: what should I have on screen if the main purpose of the project is music?


♩♪♫♬♮♭♯ or trailart.


Yeah I’m too lazy for tailart. If only an audio visualizer was possible…


That would be amazing.
:bulb: Game changer


I have no idea. Maybe more of a MIDI layout kind of thing Here I go at 10:30PM again and here you are at midnight again, and both of us are wasting our sleep time and doing this