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Nice job @Hopscotcher! Really cool!


I know! The movement is hard though.


I clicked the link on my iPad without checking it first, but thank goodness there was a confirmation pop up, it said:
Open in “YouTube”?
Me: no thanks


ha I tried


It was a close call if I do say so myself

Edit: I actually rick-rolled myself by clicking my spoiler image twice


It was a genius idea though. I could’ve got you!




I am so bored


@1234Lillian wat are you doing here


Oh sorry wrong topic I meant to click on @isurehopeso


how did you not know when you liked our posts and then replied?


Um idk I’m clueless


Well um bye?

what just happened


we left to the lounge to get a snack lol


Congrats on beating @GweTV to getting regular


I’m on every day


Edit dis and have fun m8s.


Your tag will remain backwards

Nice 3 consecutive replies you reached. Discobot can’t help you now because he doesn’t activate when tagged in an edit

I am catching up- GweTV

more banananananananananananananananananas


oh wow


@Hopscotcher 3 more posts given


ok thanks