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Let this be featured.


Go ahead and nominate it then (I don’t want any hate if I do it, but it is similar to your Crab Rave)


Ok then. Here I go at 12 am


Hey @Awesome_E do you play Brawl Stars?


Unfortunately, no (I wish)


That’s sad. Why can’t you?


Haven’t gotten around to asking to get it *yet*


Hi guys, what u doin’?


@hopscotch-curators I nominate this for featured!


your my favorite hs’er now


Awesome! I’ve made a T-SERIES logo in Hopscotch before, and what if they were combined into one project :thinking:

Correction: I missed the logo in your project, sorry.


Yes it shows how fast trail art can be drawn with the Create a Clone times x block


One object code challenge? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


Sounds good to me.
(but isn’t that on your Precision is Key Coding Challenges topic?)


Maybe. That would be awesome.


You missed the point. The PewDiePie vs T-Series trailart and music is made in one object


@JACG2018MASTER You are no longer here and no longer were here


Really? Wow, that is so awesome! Well done :clap:


Hey @Awesome_E! I’ve started again on making a chess game and it’s turning out really well! Here’s a link:


I just realized I made the crab rave thing from one object too lol