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Use this


I’m sure a lot of artists would love to use that, it’s so innovative!
btw if you want a smoother draw try doing

Repeat Forever
Draw A Trail

Set Position Last Touch X Last Touch Y

at least that’s a simple way to do it


There’s a lot more to the Set Position required, but I already made it 2x smoother.


Wow I am the only one on the Forum… 30 mins no activity…


I don’t seem to get any notifications for @omtl, and I was wondering if it was broken since nobody seems to get tagged when I occasionally use it.

Did anyone get tagged

  • I did
  • Nope

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don’t flag me this is actually kinda important


It says you can’t tag OMTL on a general topic


True dat


Yeah, plus Awesome E is definitely going to get yelled at.


But you are the only one I’ve seen say something about it


It worked for me. If you can do something like “mute” a group, are you sure that you haven’t done that.


I usually have no activity for hours and I constantly check the forum


Happy Anniversary! :cake:


I really don’t care
at all




Read the small text, I didn’t want to make a whole new topic just to see if OMTL was broken. I did this because I haven’t gotten an OMTL notification in 4 months…


Update Progress Again: All Windows Draggable now, working on GUI at the bottom of this…


Awesome sauce!


I also noticed this platform at the bottom left corner of the image, is it a bug?


Random link to Google
Click "Search instead for What is a Calculator”, then click on “Did you mean: What is a Calculator”, then click on “Did you mean: What is a Calculator”


No, it is just unfinished clones for the bottom GUI