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Yes, trailart & emoji

I mean, your choice


Welp I’ll figure it out. I actually fell asleep to it yesterday, no joke.


Lmao :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I’m going to search YouTube for some better versions now…

I think I found one. Give me 5 minutes to transfer it to Hopscotch

Wait you need to pay 7 dollars to download it… what.


Ok good night have fun searching the web for crab raves at 1AM


Of course, sure thing!


That’s way better than anything I could do, one thing though, it’s just that some elements on the drag-able window disappear when dragging the window


That is intentional. I don’t know if you can see it with a GIF of this quality, but it fades out and fades back in. This is to prevent lag when dragging 220 objects with the pallet and to hide the fact that some elements lag behind.


Ah I see, that’s really cool though


Yeah, imagine 220 objects from the pallet all trying to set position to the window. It’s much more efficient to just fade out and fade back in when I need it again.


I find this awesome dude, I’d use it depending on the pen. I know sometimes the pens can be really laggy and that’s why i normally don’t use those types of drawing pads, but from the gif it doesn’t look laggy. Great job on the project!


Does your browser web-page crash/reload when you try viewing Meta-Data?


Yeah, it runs 45-50 FPS but draws very smooth for that FPS
That GIF is 2x speed but GIFS play at less than 30 FPS


What metadata?..


for viewing # of followers


No, I was on iPad and it worked just fine


Just now? With what website?


I did it before when you asked me…


Ok because it crashes the webpage for me. No matter the viewer

Yep still crashes

Idk why…


How do you see your meta-data?