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Wheres the big crab emoji?


So your saying to map the midi file into Boolean trigger variables instead “play sound”?


Tap the screen lol. Idk


You know the best part about this? I never used a computer. I did it all from my iPad.


idk have you seen a MIDI editor before?
Oh I see the crabs, still need a giant one in the middle.
I suggest also finding a MIDI tool online to raise the song one octave


How do you know it’s one octave off?


:ear: ← I used this.


Wow I honestly can’t do that. I hear the melody and it sounds alright so…


@XAMANION Literally the past 4 times I didn’t have 20 characters in the post I had 19 :joy:
I might remix it, steal the project, add a giant crab and beach background, and transpose it up an octave. Can I steal it or just remix? (:man_shrugging:) By steal I mean give you credit but remove the remix bar


Yes that’s very annoying for me too.

I just listened to the actual version, and yes this needs an octave lift.

But can you believe it? A computer is completely unnecessary!


What do you mean? Also, you used the MIDI hack, right?


Well yeah of course, but I didn’t use a computer. I converted a YouTube video to midi, used the hack, and edited the json all from my iPad.


Oh right. Shall I steal and give credit or just remix?


Please neither. That would be great.

I mean you would have to search through the entire song for the block that says “made by XAMANION STUDIOS”


No remix? (I kinda want to transpose it and add a background, then hand it back to you and unpublish. I won’t do any remix bar shenanigans)
“Search the song” for the block? You mean Ctrl+F for find the text :joy:


Yes I accounted for that. I coded it into the player, so that it crashes when you use control f (or find)


What background are you thinking of adding?


The player? You meant Notepad ++. And, that is impossible. Anyways, I kinda still want to remix it and move it up an octave and add a beach background. No credits removed


Nah I got it. If you have any more suggestions, that would be great.

A beach background? I was thinking disco-cave…


ok. I thought I might as well do the tedious work of putting every note up but if you got a higher octave MIDI then great. I guess I’ll leave it to you