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I decided to make a topic cuz, why not?

Just be polite. Feel free to post :slight_smile:
(You can ask for help, questions, tips, etc.)

How do you think my top (best) projects are? (Not Average Projects!)
(They are at the top of my favorites and created by me)

That means E-Pad, Minigames, and stuff like that. BTW the Jeepers Survival PC is an instruction project telling you how to get it on PC. Rate Jeepers PC on how you like the PC game.

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I have to say thank you, @Awesome_E! For making that HSB code project. I used them for my Starry Pad and gave you credits.:wink:


I think your projects are amazing, @Awesome_E. I LOVE your minigame game! And your E-pad was SO cool!


Why do my topics never get to stay towards the top?


I dunno…
I think we need more people to reply




Calling hacks?


(20 characters required)


C'mon peeps! @Awesome_E's General Topic needs YOU to add some more awesomeness!


Put it on some different topic like “Talk to a Hopscotcher” or something like that.


Did someone rate my best projects 1 on purpose? :)
Just asking.

Please tell me.


Well, once there was a topic about a new update error, but it was shortly removed. It got 60 replies! :(


@BB-Box, thx for a 10.

I didn’t hack :), I used math!
~8.54 average ✕ 13 voters = 111
Previous: ~8.42 average ✕ 12 voters = 101


No problem!
Can you see it?


Edits – explanation added. But I wish.


@Sweetlina thx for 10:

Now: ~8.64 Avg ✕ 14 = 121
Previous: ~8.53 Avg ✕ 13 = 111



Do you think more people know me on the app or forum?

  • Hopscotch (App)
  • Hopscotch Forum


Votes are public.


Why "E"? Why not something else?


My first name starts with E.


Why not E?