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Hi guys it's Hermione you are probably thinking stop making so many clubs, no this isn't my club @Trendygirl asked me to make the topic and I am co leader in her club.

What will we do:

Do tasks set by leader
They will be forum based mostly
However we may do projects
Winter projects
Games e.t.c.


@Trendygirl @Hermione


Leader: @Trendygirl
Co-leader: @Hermione.
Basic @BellaWafflez17


Basic: can participate in challenges 25 points done you move up to Regular
Regular: can participate in challenges can follow people on our account 50 points done move up to admin
Admin: Can follow like make projects on our account participate in activities 75 points done move up to mod
Mod: Can follow make projects suggest task(challenge ideas)

We will promote people to co-leader if we think they are responsible

Hey there! My mind went :bulb:* ping * when I saw @Bubbles4Ever929 's topic on her Random Club! GO CHECK IT OUT,
Anywayyyyyy I had an idea that was similar to hers....TOTAL CREDIT!
But trust me it's not the same at all!

This club is Hopscotch Forum based and will go a little like this:
Leader: @Trendygirl
Co-leader: (fill the form)

Every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday I will post a challenge, which might be ANYTHING Hopscotch related! Maybe a drawing challenge or a trail art challenge or maybe....
Also during the week, we can do friendly chats related to hopscotch!
At the end of every week, I will give points to the top 3 people who did best
Then will write them on the leaderboard at the bottom!


Hopscotch username:
How long have you been on de HF?
Do you draw/code/both?
Are you nice?


Is there any way I can edit this?




So this topic is about art??!
What is it about


Well no but u can ask @Hermione to edit it bbecuse she made this topic and she is a regular!


Yes please! Check this link out for further details!



Yeah cool you are in...


Sorry I was away. I'm sorry if this may sound rude, but when someone applies, I need to approve to (as I'm leader) but thnx for your help anyway.


Ok sorry ...
True ...


Eek I'm so embarrased. Sorry!?


Can I join? I'll be mod :smiley:


Hello @PastelPony
To become mod, you need to enter challenges and earn points and then your level will go up.
If you want to join, fill in the member form, then you will start at basic!