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Hey there! My mind went :bulb:* ping * when I saw @Bubbles4Ever929 's topic on her Random Club! GO CHECK IT OUT,
Anywayyyyyy I had an idea that was similar to hers....TOTAL CREDIT!
But trust me it's not the same at all!

This club is Hopscotch Forum based and will go a little like this:
Leader: @Trendygirl
Co-leader: (fill the form)

Every Saturday I will post a challenge, which might be ANYTHING Hopscotch related! Maybe a drawing challenge or a trail art challenge or maybe....
Also during the week, we can do friendly chats related to hopscotch!
At the end of every week, I will give points to the top 3 people who did best
Then will write them on the leaderboard at the bottom!


Hopscotch username:
How long have you been on de HF?
Do you draw/code/both?
Are you nice?

FORM FOR CO LEADER up to 3 co-leaders
(Fill in member form first)!!
Will you be happy to take my spot if I am not able to update and post a challenge?

MEMBER list:
LEADER: @TrendyGirl (0 points)
Co-leader: @Hermione (0 points)

Awesome Club [Join Now]

Yehhhh come on guys, you're awesome aren't you??

   Example of a form..... in love with de scrollable textttttttt hellloo. JOIN DE CLUB


I'm up for co-leader btw just filling out the form


Hopscotch username : SmilingStudios
4 years
Both mostly code draw on paper

Yes ofcourse and u can trust me i am house captain and student council
It's like percy from harry potter


ah!! You're in! CHA CHING!!
Oh and... are you willing to participate in challenges and earn points? @Hermione


Yey thx u should use the omtl it's the official mass tag list


Yes wait i'm co-leader.... OMG THX


Thanks. Do have an idea of how I can let you edit my post?


You can when you are a regular but not now.
But do you want to edit my post instead??


You can only do that with wiki posts, which you need Regular to make


Oh right. Hmmmm. I'm not sure. Maybe once the club has ten members we can start a new topic, which will have the activities?


I think we should have like levels
Leader: you
Co-leader: me
Novoice :

And everyone starts to start at novojce except for us and we do the activities here and then when people do 10+ activities they go up to Basic 20+ Regular 30+ Admin 40+ and we should be able to nominate very good people to Mod
And then if they are very good to co-leader


Genius idea.... would you mind making a topic which links this topic?


Wait this should be me and your (Mod+ ) chat topic!!


Ok sure!
Would you mind copying or just making the topic again, should I do it?


Oh should i make a topic sp you can edit i'll say it's yours btw... @trendygirl


Ok sure!! @Hermione