Aweeeeeeesome project ideas or something?



I am bored. I want to make something but I don't know what. Could someone help me?

I know, I know there are MILLIONS of topics that goes by the same idea but I want new ones, and exclusive.
Maybe you can even help me code it.



A basketball game
A pancake stacking game
True or false game


true or false game what?

Maybe check out this helpful topic with plenty of ideas:


Anymore? hmmmmmmmmmmmm


Where is it? Could you at least put a HYPERLINK?


I'm doing this based off a game I have

U gove them a couple of options for category's ( sports, health, science, geo.)!they pick a category. Once they pick the category, u give them a question from the category.
U give them three questions and then they pick a new category. After like three rounds u move onto true or flase. True or false is where you give the true or false questions. Once they answer like three true or false questions, game over

Ex for question: what team does big papi play for?

True or false ex
True or false: David Ortiz plays for the Red Sox

There is a big list of ideas in this topic, you might want to read through it.