Awarness for Inactive Topics 😦


Topics are dying every single day or even hour. I'm surprised their isn't a whole group or club for this. Too many topics can buried under new ones and only very popular topics survive. We should try to stop topics from dying by these main ways.

  • Make a general topic
    General topics help make your announcements just in that one topic not make 5
    It helps no bury the topics older than it

  • Bookmark topics
    Bookmarking topics allows you to remember that topic and go back to it every time. Or you can set it to watching so it doesn't die

  • Stay on topic
    Don't try to go to waste by talking about memes then a club or something. Getting off topic might cause people to leave and eventually makes the topic die

Plain reviving a topic won't help as after a little bit it will die again quickly. If you want to revive a topic try to get a group of people to keep it going

Try to stop topics from dying. This might be a club but I don't think I manage such a thing

For now keep this in your head or bookmark it or set it on watching

(Please don't make this topic die too)



How do you get an animated profile pic

Some topics just maybe lose their need for more discussion though, like help topics :wink:


Dat is wai I always luved to revive topics


But how about the other kinds? Plus those could be put into the Ask a Hopscotcher topic. So technically they don't need to be made


It's called the OMTL, not the OTML :wink:


Well there is the simple way of reviving a topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But some don't need any nore conversation so be sure not to revive all topics because we all get old and so do they :older_man: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have been aware of this as well. Some topics have a reason to be closed, like being solved already or that. But I do agree with most of what you are saying. @asha would be proud, @Helios .

god im bad at drawing


Thank you! I'm not sure that @asha knows I exist though :P


Die? What?


I guess dying is a too harsh of a word. How about inactive?


At the same time can you change it back? People will get a different meaning when joining this topic


Do you guys think that this would be a great idea for THT to see?

  • Yes! PLZ!!!
  • No.
  • Change your user card noob (means i don't care)
  • I'm kinda mixed..


Votes are public.


I have lots of bookmarks on the hopscotch forum.


I feel like some topics aren't meant to last forever though. Once a question gets answered the topic dies down. Not all topics need to be active all the time lol


Hey blue dog mc congrats on 10k+ views


Thanks! Try to stay on topic though!


My general topic is inactive but people still post in it .If that makes sense


Okay that's it I'm closing the poll.




I love reviving topics!