Dear everyone (including @Liza , @Ian, @alish , ect.),
Can we have an award ceremony on hopscotch. It would be really fun for these awards to be givin out...
Top played project
Most remixed project
Wouldn't that be an honor to be noticed on hopscotch for making a special project? Please read this and consider this.
A hopscotcher,


It would be awesome to honor those who made amazing projects. But I don't think it would be fair to those who didn't get any rewards...


Thre could be awesome reward that everyone gets


Let's face it
Valgo's Kaleidocosmos would probably gain the most awards since
A. top played
B. Most liked
C. Probably most remixed


True true. Also this may spark a "Please like this project" or "Play this project to get it at the top of__" trend, which won't inspire much coding.


It must not be like that, if that happens they will not get anything but the awesome award.


I feel that this can cause jealousy and people who are not noticed often might feel bad


True, but this might cause people to try to make better projects then why they already have. (Not to be offensive)


Plus, Everyone gets an awesome award.


That's better. Kind of like motivation!!